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Elizabeth Law

Born and raised in South Carolina, Elizabeth Law draws inspiration from the opulent discoveries of her travels. After experiencing Morocco at the early age of ten, Law’s passion for rugs, pillows and dinnerware was destined to be more than just a hobby. 

After attending Parsons School of Design in New York, Elizabeth Law launched her eponymous design firm in Los Angeles. Specializing in residential interiors and exteriors, her work gracefully juxtaposes antique with contemporary, the indoor with outdoor, and function with comfort. Her style incorporates luxurious textures, handmade furniture and one of a kind finds. Being a big believer in the energetic importance of flora, candles and books, Law adds her own unique touch to all her projects making them handsomely well rounded. Finding out how the client lives in their home or how they use their space is the first question asked on a site visit.  Law, being one who loves to entertain, thinks of function and comfort before all else. She knows that every home tells a story and helps bring them to life. 

Her portfolio includes homes in Los Angeles, New York City, Santa Fe, Palm Beach, East Hampton.